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Massage Services

At this time, I am only accepting new clients for Functional Facial and Prenatal/post-partum services. Thank you! 

All services are eligible for benefits reimbursement. 


Treat yourself to this deeply therapeutic and indulgent face, head and neck treatment. Through the use of general Swedish massage, manual lymphatic drainage, and hot and cold stones, this targeted treatment is an excellent choice for pretty much anyone - but is especially beneficial for those experiencing headaches, jaw pain (TMJD), neck tension, stress & anxiety, or puffiness in the face. Completely tailored to your needs, this treatment can either be entirely relaxation focused, or more therapeutic, targeting your specific issues. Side effects may include a gorgeous glow! 

30 minute or 60 minute treatments available. 

A beautiful organic facial oil is used, made locally by Wild Spirit Apothecary. 



Take your facial massage to the next level with intra-oral massage (yes, inside the mouth!). This treatment has been touted in Hollywood as "nature's facelift", but here, we just know it's an incredible way to address jaw pain and dysfunction. Using sterile medical gloves, the inside of the cheek is massaged to address tension in all the muscles of mastication  (chewing), including masseter, buccinator, lateral pterygoid, and more.  This treatment also includes all of the luxurious techniques as the Functional Facial, and is deeply relaxing. 



Prenatal & Postpartum massage is a wonderful addition to your self-care regimen during this time of immense change. During pregnancy, massage can help to:

- Alleviate muscle and joint aches and pains

- Relax the nervous system, decreasing stress and anxiety

- Help you reconnect to your changing body

- Decrease pain and itching in the belly

- and much more. 

A pregnancy cushion is available that allows you to be able to lay face down comfortably, and side-lying is also an excellent position to be treated in if the pregnancy cushion is not comfortable. 



Heated, natural basalt stones are used in place of hands to:

- warm and relax sore muscles

- target areas of tension

- relax the sympathetic nervous system, creating a sense of wellbeing and ease

- increase circulation and blood flow

- help to melt away trigger points and tight spots

- integrate the whole body and help you reconnect to it

Using heat with a moderate amount of pressure is often more effective at releasing tension than deep pressure alone! 

A typical hot stone massage includes about 1/3 - 1/2 of the massage performed with the stones, and the rest as a "regular" massage once the muscles are primed with heat. 

Contrasting hot and cold stones can be used as well, and are an excellent tool for injury rehabilitation and stubborn spots.

*only available in the cooler months

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