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The Space.

The "Cranberry Studio" was completed in early 2023.

As a home based studio, it is within our home, but completely self contained, with it's own entrance and bathroom.

I have aimed to create a peaceful, relaxing space for you to come and heal. Warm, cozy, and professional without being too clinical, I hope you will enjoy this space as much as I do! 


The space is entered into through a separate entrance on the left side of the house. You will see a comfortable little covered patio that serves as our "waiting room".  Parking is plentiful along the street.

For those with mobility challenges, there is a ramp up to this patio and the entrance is a full 3 foot, wheelchair accessible door. There is a small lip leading up on to the ramp, and a gravel path to the ramp. Let me know if you have any concerns.

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